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How do scientists study the stuff when they can’t see it? Astronomers classify all of this stuff as baryonic matter, and they know its most fundamental unit is the atom, microfiber beach towel which itself is composed of even smaller subatomic particles, such as protons, neutrons and electrons. They made educated guesses about how much baryonic and dark matter might exist in the universe, then let the computer draw a map based on the information. Baryonic matter accounts for just 4.6 percent. Both teams came to the same conclusion: The dark matter in the cluster isn’t spherical but ovoid, like an American football, oriented with one end pointing to the observers. How do you think you’ll feel when the summer comes to an end? At first, they considered neutrinos, fundamental particles first postulated in the 1930s and then discovered in the 1950s, but because they have such little mass, scientists are doubtful they make up much dark matter. If you live out in the countryside, you’ll probably want to make sure the wheels and tyres of your baby’s pushchair can handle the rough terrain so that your baby’s ride isn’t too bumpy.

In other places, it stretched out to form long, stringy filaments upon which galaxies appear entangled, like insects caught in spider silk. They will also need to talk with one another in order to figure out who goes in front of whom. As for buckles, look for traditional bags with metal buckles and leather straps, which will hold up well over time. In 2000, Chandra observed a gigantic cloud of hot gas enveloping the galaxy cluster Abell 2029, leading astronomers to estimate that the cluster must hold an amount of dark matter equivalent to more than a hundred trillion suns! Zoopla estimated that this ‘property knowledge gap’ could be putting more than two million Britons off buying a home. The implication of all of these results pointed to two possibilities: Something was fundamentally wrong with our understanding of gravity and rotation, which seemed unlikely given that Newton’s laws had withstood many tests for centuries. Using luminosity measurements, he determined how much mass should be in the cluster and then, because mass and gravity are related, calculated how fast the galaxies should be moving.

Borrowing from Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity, astronomers have shown that clusters and superclusters can distort space-time with their immense mass. In some cases, astronomers are mapping single clusters. There are certainly plenty of reasons to dismiss your employee. Lake Windermere is the largest lake in England, but did you know that there is also a lake of the same name in British Columbia? There is no town of Alba. In Bruce Springsteen’s 1978 follow-up album to “Born to Run,” he uses darkness on the edge of town as a metaphor for the desolate unknown we all face as we grow up and try to understand the world. These stargazing scientists have been facing their own darkness on the edge of town (or on the edge of galaxies) for a long time as they try to explain one of astronomy’s greatest mysteries: dark matter. Galactic clusters have provided other clues about dark matter. Is it an exotic, undiscovered type of matter, or is it ordinary matter that we have difficulty observing? As astronomers focused their attention on dark matter, they began to collect additional evidence of its existence. Or, more likely, galaxies and galactic clusters must contain an invisible form of matter – hello, dark matter – responsible for the observed gravitational effects.

Red continues to lead the assertive leader of the retro trend in 2011, details of the design briefcase, metal locking eyes to play the role of point, more OL elegance. For example, in 2011, two teams used data from Chandra’s X-ray Observatory and other instruments such as the Hubble Space Telescope to map the distribution of dark matter in a galaxy cluster known as Abell 383, which is located about 2.3 billion light-years from Earth. Using the 340-megapixel camera on the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (CFHT) on Mauna Kea Mountain in Hawaii, scientists studied the gravitational lensing effects of 10 million galaxies in four different regions of the night sky over a period of five years. And they’ve been using one of the same tools – gravitational lensing – that helped prove the existence of dark matter in the first place. Scientists around the world continue to hunt aggressively for the true dark matter particle. Photinos are uncharged and, true to the WIMP moniker, interact weakly with matter.


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